Start Horsin’ Around: How horses help with truama healing

By December 15, 2016Uncategorized

Horses are amazing creatures.

Even though they are prey animals and we are predators, there is a beautiful partnership between horses and humans. Unfortunately, humans sometimes do ruin that relationship by treating a horse badly.

Horses, serving as our example, can still find a way to trust again. And, just like horses, people can also learn to trust again too.

So how do horses help?

Horses are highly attuned to environmental activity and sensitive to the emotional states of people around them. Studies have suggested horses can decrease anger, depression, dissociation, and aggression—a perfect gift for our kids at Adora.

Horses also help with social skills. Building a partnership with a horse can be an easier for some people because the horse is non-judgmental. Horses love us the way we are. Working with horses helps us practice the skills we need to build relationships with people.

Time with horses can also help lower stress. Just being around horses and petting them can reduce stress and anxiety because a calm environment is needed around horses. That calm allows the child to regulate their emotions.

Another way horses help is by providing a safe way to learn new things. Anyone who has been in the horse business will tell you there is always something new to learn. Even an expert learns something everyday at the barn.

In short, working with horses provide many benefits for kids and adults alike. From just being a way to learn new and fun things to helping someone get through depression, a horse is a friend to rely on. A beautiful, strong animal to keep your secrets. A partner to listen when you need them most.

by Haley Johnson