Fall Update

By October 18, 2017Letters

October 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are excited to send our first letter from our new home on 10 acres in Glen Rose, Texas.

Kids have joyfully taken responsibility in different areas of our new home.

Two learners have taken over caring for our pool. After training from a very kind, patient man, our kids affectionately call “Dennis the Pool Guy”, they check it each day, scrub the walls, measure the salt and chlorine levels, and swim daily. Today, as I write, they are in the pool for the second time. One of our more mature learners has even become a lifeguard, to help everyone stay safe.

Caring for the chickens is a jurisdiction that is loved because the search for eggs is rewarding. We have three mature chickens and six chicks. One of our learners cleaned out the chicken coop, researched how to care for a sick chick, and in consultation with his very wise grandmother, helped the chick beat the odds.

Another learner has cleaned out an area and prepared the ground for planting. She is growing vegetables and herbs from seeds and looks forward to planting them outside when they are ready and the weather permits.

We are preparing the ground for fencing around the barn so we can move our beloved horses from Iowa. The “horse people” in our family are eager for AJ, Smokey, and Ford to join us as soon as we have a safe place for them to live and play.

Trauma Healing Based Learning is our most important mission. Each member of our community—adult and child—has one major skill they seek to grow called their “one thing”. Some of the skills kids are working on include:
• Abandon perfection; pursue excellence.
• Actively develop people smarts.
• Identify and explain emotions underneath anger.
Sound like adult skills? They are. As they dare to face the hard things, kids grow dramatically.

Trauma Healing Based Learning includes academics. Learners spent time learning about the history and geography of Glen Rose and Texas when we first began the academic term. They studied everything from the Alamo, to lawsuits Texas filled against the federal government. This week, Renee Kim has rejoined our family to study integrity using To Kill a Mockingbird, historical figures, and The Crucible. Each will write a research paper. Next week we will begin “Doggone It” building relationships with and training dogs. We will read The Mathematicians Lament for a selected topics math credit. We can hardly wait for Dr. Caldwell to visit and challenge our science skills.

We have added a new learner and have several families pursuing admission. We look forward to welcoming additional families to our community. Our financial situation is acute right now. We have cut our monthly expenses by nearly $45,000 a month by moving to our new home. But, bills still need to be paid. Kids need to eat. Payroll must be met. Supplies for educating learners using such creative methods must be purchased.

Our goal is to add at least two new families a month during the next year. Each new family joining our community will allow us to become more financially independent and stable.

Your support as we made the journey from Iowa and Texas has been invaluable. Thank you! Please consider how you might help us get through the next few months as we re-establish Adora in a new place. Pray for us, send families to us (be sure to share our video found here), and please support us financially.

With Gratitude,

1097 Green Meadows Drive
Glen Rose, TX 76043