Looking Through Our Window

By October 18, 2017Life at Adora

We are busy at Adora. We carefully plan each day for healing, maturing, and learning. What does that look like? Take a look through the window into our day!

8:30     We all need food in the morning—and maybe a little caffeine for the adults! A healthy breakfast evens out our brain chemistry and gets us moving. We also clean our rooms and put our breakfast mess away.

9:00     One of our favorite times of the day is Morning Activities. We swim, play basketball, run, walk dogs, and even line dance for an entire hour! Physical activity also evens out brain chemistry. It may seem like a wasted hour, but that hour settles us in a way that allows for concentration during the rest of the day.

10:00   Morning Meeting is a way for us to come together in our living room for a few minutes each day. It has become a time of depth—a safe place to voice serious thoughts. Some days we take time to remember our “One Thing” (each of us, adult and child, has “One Thing” that we are working on to improve). Other days we tell jokes and laugh. A lot. We watch short video’s (We love The Skit Guys. Check them out.) We have devotionals. We talk about issues in our community. We even talk about what cuss words actually mean! It is safe to ask questions and it is safe to answer questions. It is also safe to just listen quietly.

10:30   After a snack, academics take the main stage. Together we learn, mature, and heal. Today we continue a project on Integrity. Learners have listened to the Audible book of To Kill A Mockingbird and watched the movie version with Gregory Peck. Today includes watching a documentary on the life of Harper Lee, a student led discussion of book, movie, and documentary during lunch, learner reading of The Crucible (can you believe they were eager to get their part and read the play?), a trip to the library, and a discussion of selected research projects continued during the dinner hour.

12:30   Lunch includes continuing discussion from morning learning or discussion cards that lead us to real conversation requiring thoughtful consideration and a willingness to challenge and be challenged. We learn to listen and share our thoughts respectfully with a deep desire to understand and be understood.  We all work together after lunch to tidy the house and do the dishes.

4:00     The formal academic day ends, but learning continues. Learners get a snack, pursue physical activities, curl up with books, examine their Pokémon strategy, struggle with math problems, and laugh together moment by moment. Staff are actively involved with learners because relationships and connection are key to healing from trauma.

6:30     After help from both learners and adults, we gather for dinner. Needs are met—food, drink, and connection around the table. Again we do dishes and tidy the house after a delicious meal.

7:30     The evening is filled with games, swimming, studying, and relaxing. All involve opportunities to build trusting relationships together.

8:45     We are almost always in the middle of a book. Audible is one of our best friends. We Zentangle, sketch, and listen together. Recent books include To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni, and Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown.

9:45     Time for a snack, brushing of teeth, and settling into bed. A calm period at the end of the day is imperative for kids who struggle with bad dreams. We set a tone of safety and calm as everyone makes their way to their rooms for the night.

10:00   We need good rest to be ready for another busy day. Sometimes it’s not actually lights out because kids are scared of the dark. A dim lamp may stay on. We do our best to meet the needs of each student at bed time.

Days are strategically busy at Adora. We work carefully to build trusting relationships, create opportunities for healing, and learn together.

Don’t stay outside looking in. Come join us!


by Gail Prutow