He didn’t come to America until he was eight years old. He lived on the streets in his first country. He saw things no child should see. Ever.

We welcomed him into our home. A bed to sleep on. Food to eat. Books to read. Movies to watch. At first things seemed to be moving in the right direction. Then…

This boy, our son, had no idea how to function in a family. Rotten food hidden in the bedroom. Stealing. Locks on cabinets. Physical fights. Sneaking out of the bedroom at night to find his sister.

How did we get here? How do we love and protect this child while we love and protect the rest of our family?

He is terrified and lives in fight, flight, freeze. We are terrified of his behavior. He must have a safe place to learn skills needed for life in a family. We must heal and learn new skills for helping this boy who has experienced such hard things.

The painful decisions are inconceivable, yet must be made. It takes courage.