7:15am - Rise and Shine

Learners get up and start getting ready for the day.

8:00am - Breakfast in the Family Kitchen

Students eat with their dorm parents and dorm mates in the family household.

8:20am - Breakfast Clean-up

Students help straighten up the kitchen before heading to Alling Hall for school.

8:25am - Depart from Family Home

Students walk together with dorm parents to Alling Hall.

8:30am – Assembly/Chapel

A time for students and staff to connect at the beginning of the day for stories, songs, zentangles, and updates on the day’s activities.

8:45am - Trauma Healing Based Learning AM

Time to meet with teachers to work on projects to fulfill the requirements for each student’s Individualized Learning Plan.

11:45am - Lunch

Head over to the Max and Gene Belz Student Center for lunch provided by Grandma Carole.

12:15pm - Lunch Clean-up

Each student has responsibility for specific tasks in helping Grandma Carole clean up lunch and keep our gathering place clean.

12:25pm - Crash and Bump

Students sit in chairs enough during the day and need a little activity before going back to those chairs. Crash and Bump is a time for physical activity games ranging from well-known freeze-tag to obstacle courses to learning the difference between hard, medium, and soft.

12:45pm - Trauma Healing Based Learning PM

Time to meet with teachers to work on projects to fulfill the requirements for each student’s Individualized Learning Plan.

3:45pm - After School Snack

After school kids grab a snack either from the Snack Room or from the dorm and change out of uniform for afternoon activities.

4:00pm - So Many Options . . .

During this time after school, students may have the opportunity to participate in Gym Class, Equestrian, Play Practice, Math Tutoring, or simply enjoy some downtime.

5:00pm - Wash Up and Start Homework

Around 5 o’clock, students return from afternoon activities and shower before starting homework while supper is in the works.

6:00pm - Family-style Supper

Around 6 o’clock students gather together for supper at home with their dorm parents.  Eating together is important as it creates the opportunity for connection between fellow students and their dorm parents.

6:45pm - Supper Clean-up

After supper, students help clean up the kitchen before hitting the books.

7:00pm - Family Time

During this time students have the opportunity to work on projects and spend time with each other.

8:00-10:00pm - Bedtimes

Bedtime is determined by a student’s age, behavior, and day of the week.  Younger students and students needing extra sleep may go to bed as early as 8 o’clock, older students may have the opportunity to stay up until 10pm.

10:00pm - Lights Out for Everyone

By 10 o’clock students are in bed with lights out allowing for adequate rest before the activities of the next day.