Job Opportunities

House Parent

House parents are mature adults who are willing to live with, love, and learn to parent children from hard places. These professionals:

  • Develop and lead or support THBL venture
  • Understand and apply Law and Gospel in relationships
  • Cultivate connections at all times
  • Live with learners in a home
  • Provide meals for students
  • Help with homework
  • Meet any medical needs as they arise
  • Provide a safe, calm, home environment to help learners heal from childhood trauma
  • Understand that victims of developmental trauma need special parenting skills 
  • Grow, change, and adapt with the kids in your care
  • Develop lead school projects (no teaching certificate required) 
  • Ability to be a care-giver, not a healer – God is the only healer
  • Sensitivity to know when to speak the gospel and when to quietly live it out 
  • Live and work in community with vulnerability—gifts and sin visible to all
  • Develop knowledge regarding childhood trauma and attachment
  • Learn to recognize “fear-mode” 
  • Team with other staff in writing and carrying out projects
  • Work toward the goal of restoration of learners with their families
  • Willing to share unique skill sets and hobbies with the community 
  • Develop a love for kids who act out because they are scared to love and be loved 
  • Ability to act instead of re-act in stressful situations
  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree

Assistant House Parent

Assistant House Parents are college graduates with a heart for helping learners grow.  Some of their duties are listed below:

  • Help with homework
  • Provide respite for House Parents
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Actively seek out new information.
  • Be wholeheartedly with kids to help them learn and grow

Office Manager/Admissions Liaison 

Adora is looking for a business professional who:

  • Is good with details
  • Has experience with QuickBooks, paperwork, and bill paying
  • Will answer the phone and greet visitors
  • Will answer and respond to admission calls
  • Help a vision/mission boss stay organized
  • Is willing to help and support learners dealing with developmental trauma

Please send your resume and engaging cover letter to