Specific Roles at Adora

There’s a job.  Then there is your life’s work.

The kind of work that has God’s fingerprints all over it. The kind of work that asks for sacrifice day after day to accomplish. The kind of work that ignites passion even when there is suffering. The kind of work that doesn’t allow for compromise.

People don’t do this kind of work because it’s safe.

We step out into the deep water of God’s grace. We work hard. We work for his glory. We work because we must.

House Parents

House Parents are key adults at Adora. They live out the Theology of the Cross before children and their families through both difficult and amazing times. Caring for children who have experienced trauma is not easy. Teens are fearful and often very angry. House Parents spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week giving kids the time for talk and tears. They supply structure and nurture in order to help the child heal and begin to trust. The goal of a house parent is restoration of the child to their family. They seek to help a child mature while giving families strategies for caring for their hurting child.

Assistant House Parent

Assistant House Parents work with House Parents to meet the needs of children in the home.  Each set of House Parents will have unique needs depending on the family and the teens living with them.  The Assistant must work with flexibility to support House Parents.

Learning Guides

Learning Guides use Trauma Healing Based Learning (THBL) to support the growth of adolescents who have not been successful in traditional schools.  They work as a team to develop and implement THBL.  Learning Guides are creative and resourceful.  Their job is not to give information out to be memorized and reported back on a test.  Instead, Learning Guides make it possible for kids to take responsibility for their own learning.  In addition, Learning Guides make practice real and understandably needed.  Teens demonstrate their learning by giving presentations and teaching others their new skills.

Office Assistant and Admissions Laison

One of our goals at Adora is to make everyone feel safe, seen, and heard.  Whether a long term community member or a new contact by phone, email, or in person, the Office Assistant and Admissions Liaison is usually the first person people meet. This role at Adora requires a cheerful, organized professional with the awareness to see and meet needs with real strength and gentleness.


Interns are current college students with a heart for children from hard places.  They live with learners in the Family Home to provide supervision, support, nurture, and structure for learners.  They must be willing to learn from experienced staff members and be wholeheartedly engaged with teens they mentor.  Adora will seek to meet College and University Internship requirements as needed and relevant to our mission.