Trauma Care

Our children have suffered neglect, abuse, family disruption, and trauma leading to fear and an inability to trust.

All adoptions involve loss and trauma.  As parents, we often see the life of our child beginning when they enter our home.  It is naive for us to ignore their history–even if that precious child is adopted at birth. Research is now showing that children grasp how much they are loved and wanted while still in the womb.

Childhood trauma comes in many forms and can interrupt the safety a child feels.

Students who come to Adora are fearful–they function in their amygdala—we often call it their animal brain.  Fear is demonstrated in fight, flight, faint, or freeze.  Those fearful learners meet staff who desire to develop relationships with them.  We actively work to teach learners to trust through high nurture and high structure.  It is not a fast process, nor is it easy.

Our work with learners is based on research in the areas of neuroscience, fear-based behaviors, sensory processing issues, and attachment styles.  But, research is on paper. We face the real child that is hiding in survival mode with the heart of connection in each interaction.

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