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Adora is dedicated to compassionately helping children and families from hard places find healing from trauma by building trust and creating relationships with animals, staff, family, and our Savior.

Adora taught me the skills to succeed in the real world.


Adora is a safe place for kids who feel like they have nowhere else to go.


Adora gives students a flexible schedule that is not like traditional places to grow and learn.

Current Student

An individualized plan for each pre-teen/teen ensures success for each child.


Adora gives children a structure to work through hard things while allowing them the space to find their gifts and begin to flourish.


Animals are honest, forgiving, don’t judge, and do not hold a grudge. Any human that can use these values to move forward can help others succeed.

Equestrian Coach

Adora creates an environment to succeed. This includes an equestrian program. The equestrian program equates to life. A jumping course is a good parallel. You make a plan, test the plan, execute the plan, and then evaluate the plan. The next round will be a better self and a better world. Putting this plan into action is a win for the student and a win for the future.

Community Member

Adora has provided an environment of much needed compassion and care for our child; as well as resources, support, and training for us as parents. This community has been the catalyst for healing in our family that was simply impossible to achieve in our home.


This grandma and grandpa are grateful that Adora provides the loving Christian community to support a single mom and her two adopted children. Because the needs of the children come first, the staff meets regularly to discuss individualized approaches to help each child and family. In addition, learning rather than programs come first in order to exploit the interests of each learner and pave the way for addressing the underlying fears and conduct growing out of various forms of trauma.

Grandparents of Students

Adora is a community of caring where knowledgeable staff live out the love of Christ in partnership with parents to meet the needs of struggling teens using a non-graded, competency based curriculum in the context of a Christian World View.

Former Board Member

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